Makeology is a community of makers that aims to connect makers of all experience levels and provide an open-platform for critique, tips and techniques, as well as the business and marketing side of entrepreneurship as a maker. As an extension of the community, Makeology embraces partnerships and collaborations with individuals that support handmade and the betterment of small business owners. If you’d like to partner with Makeology get in touch. 

Maker’s Movement is the home of Makers Magazine founded and edited by Sam Shaw in 2014 in Toronto, Ontario. Maker’s Movement celebrates creativity and craft through story telling featuring fellow creatives around the world. To get the latest version of Makers Magazine please go here.

Makeology is proud to support Sam and her initiative with Maker’s Movement to celebrate creativity and craft. We look forward to having the Maker’s Movement magazine at Makeology markets.

Are you interested in becoming a partner with Makeology?

Get in touch! We’re open to creative partnerships that support all things handmade.