12 Aug 2016

Grid Wall

This was my very first post back when I had a blog on my own website Milo&Ben, and now it’s my very first post in this new space for all things creative. I still love and miss this wall dearly so I decided to bring it back! It also makes me sad seeing all the broken links on Pinterest that lead to a dead blog (RIP old blog!). It even made it to good old Apartment Therapy.

When Tom and I first moved in together it was our chance to design and decorate to our hearts’ content. Being graphic designers we always had a soft spot for clean lines and minimalist decor. Being a long time fan of Josef Müller-Brockman, Tom decided to pay homage to his book Grid Systems in Graphic Design in our old office. We needed a place to hang his posters so what better way to do so than by following his grid.

I should first explain that we did a mini reno to the whole place because it had pink carpet for us to enjoy and the office had purple (Barney-like) walls.  In case you’re wondering the paint is by Benjamin Moore and it’s called Orange Nectar.




After we measured the wall, we made the grid based on the measurements of the Ikea frames we used. We were lucky the electrical outlets fell nicely within those measurements. We used white vinyl pin stripping to make the grid, you can find it at any local hardware store. I have to admit that at first I was very hesitant to paint the whole wall orange. I seriously thought my retinas were going to burn, but after the pin stripping went on and the the posters were hung it became less vibrant.

The result was just what we wanted, a bright and modern home office. Though we no longer live there the grid wall lives on through our pictures and numerous blogs out there. I’m not sure where (or when) but the grid wall may need to exist in our current home.




Melissa is a graphic designer, needle felter, mom of identical twin boys and a lover of all things handmade.