Becoming a vendor


The goal of the Makeology Fair is to bring the most talented crafters around together under one roof.  Vintage and food vendors are welcome. The jury will carefully select the participants in order to have the best possible curated show. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • The work is unique, creative and innovative – but above all handmade.
  • The work is made by you, the person who will be at the Fair.
  • The work is priced adequately.
  • The work is excellently crafted. The quality of the goods to be sold at the Fair must be of the best quality.
  • A working website or shop link.
  • Well lit photos, good quality photos of the work you submit. This will help the jury judge your work, we cannot stress the importance of photos!
  • We’re looking for variety in the type of work accepted. The jurors will select a diverse group of vendors in order to offer the best shopping experience. Some categories are more saturated than others and we encourage everyone to apply!


The short answer is no. Due to the amount of applications we receive the wait list consists of the applicants who were not successful.

Who can participate in a Makeology Fair?

Anyone who makes original, well crafted, strictly handmade items. Vintage and food vendors may also participate.

How do I find out about the next Fair?

The find out more information about the upcoming fairs, as well as vendor calls, subscribe to the newsletter here.

Will my work be juried?

Yes. The Makeology Fair is a curated show. Every single application will be reviewed by the jury during the selection period.

Who is part of the Jury?

The jury changes every time applications are submitted for a Fair. They come from a variety of disciplines and bring their expertise in order to judge fairly.

How do vendors get selected?

Once all applications are submitted they are reviewed by each individual juror. Each juror scores the applicant anonymously and makes notes based on the material submitted for review. All votes are then tallied and categories organized. The jury will meet and review applications when necessary, especially those that are received under categories that tend to be more saturated. Applicants who are not admitted are placed on a waiting list.

Can I apply after the deadline has passed?

In the interest of fairness and due to the amount of applications received, we will not consider any applications after the deadline has passed.

How much is it to participate?

The cost of your booth will vary from market to market.

Each table is about 2.5′ in depth.

You will also get one chair. Linens will not be provided. If you’d rather have a clothing rack in lieu of your table that’s ok! Please let us know, please be aware you cannot have both.

Can I apply if I'm out of town?

Yes! If you feel your work belongs at the Makeology Fair be sure to apply!

What do I get and what am I responsible for?

You will get your table and once chair. Table linens are not provided. You are responsible for bringing table covering, display items and pricing.

We encourage vendors to participate in our swag bag giveaway (to the first 50 show goers).  These bags are highly coveted, we had people line up 3 hrs before the show opened.

You are also responsible for collecting tax if at all applicable to your business. In addition, you are responsible for having or obtaining your own insurance. Makeology does not take responsibility for any theft/accidents/or incidents that result as a consequence of your table set up.

Can I bring my own table/display?

You may bring your own table as long as it’s clearly stated in your application AND it fits the 6′ or 8′ by 2.5′ dimensions. Because space is limited we cannot accommodate displays that are bigger than this.

If you plan on having your own display other than a table you must tell us and show us a picture/sketch for approval. Displays taller than 6′ are not permitted and they must adhere to the 6′ or 8′ by 2.5′ dimensions. Elaborate displays will not be accommodated.

If you have a clothing rack you may use it in leu of your table. You CANNOT have both.

We ask vendors to be respectful of the space provided and be considerate to your neighbours.

No discount will be given if you choose to bring your own display.

Do I have to be present?

Yes. We expect the maker and shop owner to be present at the booth during show hours. Shoppers love to interact and ask questions about your craft, it’s not only a great experience for them but also for you to get some feedback directly from the customer.

How and when I will I know if I am (am not) accepted?

You will be notified by email on the date specified in the application. All applicants whether accepted or not will be notified.

We use mailchimp and it can be a bit temperamental at times. We ask that you check your spam and promotions folder to make sure our email didn’t get filed in there.

I've been a vendor, do I have to reapply?

Everyone who wishes to participate is required to apply. There are no guarantees that a previous vendor will be selected to participate again. All applicants are judged fairly and undergo the same jurying process every time.

Are swag bags mandatory?

Swag bags are not mandatory but are highly recommended! We had people line up 3 hours before the show opened to get one of these coveted bags. They are heavily used to promote you and the show.

A swag item is something small that represents you or your business. Paper items alone (business cards, postcards, coupons) will not be accepted.

What's your cancellation policy?

Once accepted and payment is received your booth fee is non-refundable.

What if I'm late or unable to make it?

If you are unable to make it let us know ASAP. Vendors must be set up and ready to go 30 mins before opening time. If you are not there at least 30 mins before opening time you will not be allowed to participate. This is a strict rule that will be enforced.

How many vendors do you accept?

Between 50 and 80 depending on the venue space. However; the number of vendors depends on the number and quality of applications received. Final numbers are determined during the jurying process.

I see the published list of vendors, do you still have space available?

No. Once the vendor list is published it means the market is full.