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21 Apr 2017

I didn’t get in – again. Follow up to our Open Letter.

I just wanted to offer more feedback to some of the people that emailed me after last night’s results. I have to say it’s very hard for me to say to give feedback because it almost always comes across as “you didn’t get in because we didn’t like your stuff”. As you know that is […]

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07 Dec 2016

The Holiday Market Marketing Mix

Last month I had to opportunity to do a workshop with Artscape on how to prepare you and your business for the Holiday Season. Amy Dennis has put together a summary on some points we discussed. Take a look! *I’ve also put together a useful checklist on what to pack when preparing for your market, […]

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13 Sep 2016

Preparing for Etsy Made in Canada

Makeology Etsy Made in Canada is just two weeks away (TWO! well actually a little less). Today the Makeology Etsy team got together to get our crafty on. We are lucky enough to have a really great venue (architecturally speaking) with lots of charm, so not a lot is needed to dress it up. Michelle found […]

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17 Aug 2016

An open letter from the organizers

Written by the organizers behind Makeology and Cheerfully Made Markets. One of the toughest parts of planning a craft fair is the fact that you basically have to decide which one of your friends gets to be a part of it. Through organizing these shows many of us have become more than just acquaintances, friends, [...]
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12 Aug 2016

Grid Wall

This was my very first post back when I had a blog on my own website Milo&Ben, and now it's my very first post in this new space for all things creative. I still love and miss this wall dearly so I decided to bring it back! It also makes me sad seeing all the [...]
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