Makeology is an online community aimed to bring like-minded individuals together. It’s full of amazing people who not only make things but love to support each other.

What is Makeology?

Founded in 2013 by Melissa Lowry, Makeology started as an online group aiming to bring together likeminded makers of things. It has grown into a community rich with amazingly talented artists who support and look out for one another.

How many markets has Makeology hosted?

In 2016 Makeology hosted 4 fairs/markets.

Why is Makeology a juried show?

We want every single item at our Makeology Fairs to be unique and made with the utmost attention to detail so that no category is saturated.

How can I get involved?

We are always looking for volunteers and we would love your help! Please contact us at hello@makeology.ca and we will let you know how you can be involved.

Where can I meet other Makeologists?

You can join and Facebook group and get chatting! We try to organize get togethers from time to time so we can get our crafty on.